Motorised Roller Shutters have replaced the manual one long back, but what next? A product continuously needs to be changed and evolved according to changing environment and needs of the users. Same applies to Roller Shutters. From Roller Shutters evolved Electric Roller Shutters and the next step we believe is Slimline Roller Shutters.

Motorised Roller Shutters

Slimline Roller Shutters are class apart.Made for modern Australian homes and suit the new colours which Australians are adapting to. That’s why we at Slimline Roller Shutters have 9 colourbond colour options. We know that as much as security and insulation, aesthetics also matter. Hence Slimline’s slim body and new colourbond colours actually enhance look and feel of your homes.

If that’s not enough, check out other benefits of Slimline Roller Shutters:

  • Security: We all care about our loved ones and our valuables. While at home or away, this thing is always on our mind. But Slimline Roller Shutters guarantees peace of mind, they are Metal Roller Shutters made with top grade Aluminium hence very durable and keeps all undesirable people at bay. No need to worry from Burglars now!
  • Insulates your property: Australian weather is always extreme, too cold in winters and way too hot during summers. Moreover high velocity winds make things even worse. Motorised Roller Shutters can insulate your property and keep your home Cooler during summers and warmer during winter.
  • Energy saving: Insulating property of Roller Shutters actually helps ins saving electricity and natural gas. This has dual advantage. It helps in saving environment as well as helps in reducing your utility bills.
  • Controls noise: Loud noise has always been an issue for many people for various reasons. Some one might have night shifts, some one works from home, etc… But Window Roller Shutters are the best options for such an issue, it controls and reduces the noise that comes from outside. Hence reducing the disturbance.
  • Light Control: Just like sound, light may also be an issue specially for people who are trying to sleep during the day or need rest due to medication. For such cases Motorised Roller Shutters are best suited, covers your window at click of remote button.

Check out all the benefits of Motorised Roller Shutters

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