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Shutters offer protection against the rain, wind, storm and bush fire. The roller shutter has various applications, it is often used as door for bed rooms, kitchens, warehouse, garages and schools. In some stormy regions, roller shutters serve as protection for the windows and as insulation from hail damages. Slimline Roller Shutters Penrith are not only the best in providing security to your homes and offices, but our design team at Slimline, together with local dealers in Penrith have ensured a myriad of varieties to suit the new property market in suburb of Penrith.

Roller Shutters Penrith

Slimline range of shutters come with 9 new color options. These colors are inspired by the modern Australian homes. Our shutters not only protect your property but also ads on to it’s aesthetics. Giving it an enhanced look and style. Some of the benefits of roller shutters are as follows:


Roller shutters are not just fancy additions to your home, they also have their importance in terms of security and protection among others. The greatest importance of roller shutters is probably its offer of a good home security. This is mainly because it is firmly fixed to the window or door and it cannot easily be pulled out without extremely high pressure.


Apart from being a great physical deterrent, it can also be a great visual deterrent keeping you safe from intruders. Another importance of a roller shutter is the protection that it offers your windows and doors when the weather goes stormy. If a gale or storm arises, just shut your shutter and you are rest assured that you are protected against deflected branches and other debris that are capable of breaking your glass or causing damages.

Light control:

The roller shutter is also great in that it offers you control over how much light enters your home at any given time. So, if you are in the mood for a bit of light, just roll up your shutter and enjoy the sunshine.


Roller shutters provide insulation to your property, which means it helps your home stay cooler during summer and warmer during winters. This helps to keep energy consumption in control, which in turn helps in saving environment as well as getting utility bills down substantially.

We also have 12 months interest free offers available for eligible buyers. Call Slimline Roller Shutters Penrith dealer to know more about it and book your obligation free demo now.

Slimline Roller Shutters are designed specially for Penrith, call your local dealer and ask for obligation free demonstration now

Local Dealer for Slimline in Penrith Area

Our Local Dealer for Penrith Region is Slimline roller shutter Penrith. They are experts in installation and customer service, with first hand experience of Penrith region they are poised to give you best possible installation of Slimline Range of Products.

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Roller Shutters Penrith

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