We all know that security and peace of mind really matters. Most of us work and stay out of our residence for 8-10 hours every day, and the feeling of our home, our loved ones or any valuables left behind in insecure way daunts us for rest of the day. That’s where Security Roller Shutters have a great role to play, roller shutters as product category has been continuously evolving and is at it’s best now.

At Slimline Roller Shutters we have tried to build the most durable and secure Roller Shutters but without compromising on looks and aesthetics. In fact our 28 years of experience has made us create a master piece in Slimline. It has 9 colourbond colours available and all of them suit modern Australian homes/offices. This means you can secure your home windows with the best looking roller shutters available in Australia.

Are there any other benefits of Slimline Roller Shutters ?

Yes, Slimline Roller Shutters also helps to:

  • Insulate your home. Australian weather is extreme and insulation makes a lot of sense in our homes. Slimline does that and helps you save upto 40% on your utility bills.
  • Protects your home/property from bush fire and thunderstorms
  • Gives you much needed privacy in case you live in a busy suburb or CBD.
  • Acts as a noise reduction tool, if you need to concentrate or you are a shift worker and need to sleep during the day. This makes perfect sense for you.
  • Secures your home, Slimline Roller Shutters are made of Aluminium, which makes them strong enough to protect and seal your windows, keeps away thieves and burglars

Slimline Security Roller Shutters are specially made after extensive research to suit Australian households, you can get an obligation free visit from our local dealer who would be able to demonstrate the product in depth. Please find the dealer’s section on this website or call us to find your dealer.